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Our Team

We are incredibly selective in our hiring process, resulting in a startup culture where the best talent can thrive. Our cohesive, veteran group of 100+ employees is made up of a combination of U.S.-based software architects and project managers and our Ukrainian software team. Each member of Codeminders is carefully chosen based on extensive knowledge and mastery of a wide variety of technologies. We can recommend the most suitable and effective tools for your projects, and our expertise means that you’re working with incredibly focused and talented developers that can deliver results.

Our founders

Alexander Sova

As a founding member of Codeminders, Alex has successfully grown the business from the ground up, co-creating an international firm with multiple offices and 100+ employees. Currently working with dozens of clients, ranging from early-stage startups to Fortune 10 companies, Alex’s expertise lies in building engineering teams, creating enhanced processes and methods for his teams, and developing software. He has spent decades in the industry as a co-founder of three businesses as a project manager and software engineer and holds an M.S. in Computer Science from Kiev National University. Alex brings a wealth of real world experience and a “GSD” mindset to the clients he works with.

Vadim Zaliva

Over the past 30 years, Vadim has specialized in the early stages of product design and development, cutting-edge technologies, scalability, and mobile and Internet applications. With a thorough understanding of both technology and business, Vadim is an expert at helping dynamic companies to quickly turn their ideas into well-designed, scalable products. He has issued patents for a number of technologies and has been published numerous times. With an academic background in Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Computer Security, and Formal Methods, earning a BS in Electrical Engineering, an MS in Computer Science, and Ph.D from Carnegie Mellon University, Vadim brings his skill and passion to advanced projects and challenging problems in his areas of expertise.