Codeminders Stands With Ukraine

Codeminders is an American company with Ukrainian roots, established in 2004 by two Ukrainian engineers who assembled a team of other Ukrainians to begin their business. The founders of the company have always actively supported the independence and development of Ukraine. An example of this would be their support of the Orange Revolution in 2004: the organization and coordination of a crowd-sourced information campaign for operational coverage of events in Ukraine at that time and active assistance to Maidan volunteers.

With the beginning of the Russian aggression in 2014, Codeminders moved its Donetsk office and all its employees to Kyiv and started actively helping volunteers and the military in the war in Donbas. The principal position of the company is that it does not have any business relations with the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus.

In the early days of a full-scale invasion in 2022, the Codeminders team decided that it was our duty to stay in Ukraine, continue to work and support Ukraine’s economy, and actively assist its Armed Forces.

What we have done and continue to do for our employees

At the end of 2021, it was clear that further military aggression by the Russian Federation was inevitable. The company’s administrative team worked 24/7 and prepared a BCP (Business Continuity Plan). With the start of the war, we managed to relocate most of the workers with their families and pets to western Ukraine, where we set up a temporary office and were able to establish a work process. Financial assistance was provided to all relocated engineers and their families.

Even after the return of most of the employees to Kyiv, the company’s management continues to do everything possible to ensure that employees have a safe stay in Ukraine.

We fight together

Thanks to relentless teamwork, we managed to:

  • Find and deliver to the frontlines: hundreds of ultra-light armor plates, thermal imaging monoculars, generators, several hundred high-quality tourniquets, helmets, as well as other equipment
  • Finance the production of thousands of pairs of shoes and hundred tactical winter clothing in Ukraine, in close cooperation with the Zahyst volunteer association.
  • Provide the Rapid Response Unit of the Red Cross of Ukraine as well as the Zahyst volunteer association with ultra-light body armor. The associations are engaged in the evacuation of civilians from “hot spots” and taking care of the branches of the Armed Forces of Ukraine


  • Develop a specialized mobile application for the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.
  • Purchase various tires, power banks, batteries, firmware cables on the radio station, and have assisted in fundraising for drones and vehicle repairs.


It is an honor to protect our Homeland

We are proud that some of our colleagues went to the front at the beginning of the war. The company introduced monthly payments to all our colleagues who joined the fight, and also promptly helps to cover our colleague’s needs.


It’s our duty to be ready

After the majority of the team returned to Kyiv, they began Tactical Medical training to be ready to provide first aid to anyone who may need it.


Even before the full-scale invasion, the team began to practice shooting. We plan to continue practicing learning to use weapons properly.


We are fighting for the truth, and we will win. Our strength lies in unity and indomitable spirit. We believe in our victory and we are united in the fight for Ukrainian independence! We support the Ukrainian Armed Forces! Glory to Ukraine!