Kyiv Office

In 2024 Codeminders moved into a new 24-hour access office. Location has been carefully selected with colleagues’ convenience in mind. Situated in the heart of the city center, it offers easy access by both public transportation and car, ensuring a smooth commute for everyone. We believe this prime location with nearby local facilities like hotels, restaurants, and cafes will enhance accessibility and contribute to a more vibrant work atmosphere.

Office facts:

Location: 7 min walk from Metro station “Zoloti Vorota”
Address: 26 Olesia Honchara Street, office 87, zip 01054

Office amenities include:

  • Kitchen
  • Coffee station (fully equipped with espresso machine)
  • Employee lounge (used for company events)
  • Conference room
  • Print station
  • 24-hour employee access (via smart cards)
  • 24-hour security alarm system, with monitoring by a private security company
  • Reserved employee parking

Facilities nearby: