Instantly turn your computer with web camera into Internet-connected motion-sensing security system.

Get Started

Immediately after launching the application you will see the application window which will display the area as seen from your camera. This will help you adjust your camera to capture the area that you wish to monitor.

Application's Window

The application window will also contain the “Motion Indicator” light and the “Start” button. If movement is detected, the motion indicator will momentarily turn red. Clicking Start will activate the application. When active, the application will perform all actions configured by the user upon the detection of movement. You can learn more about these configurations here.

Before pressing Start we recommend that you open the settings and go to the Detection tab. It is necessary to adjust the sensitivity of the motion detection process for your particular hardware. Click here to learn how to do so.

It is also important to go to the Recording tab to set up the recording of photos or videos after the detection of movement by the application. It is just as important to configure the settings for storing recorded files in the Upload tab.

You can use the following cameras with iSentry: Built-in iSight cameras, USB cameras. In addition to the above mentioned cameras iSentry Pro supports IP cameras. Click here to learn how to set up video input device.

Choose Window -> Status to open the Status window. Here you can monitor the significant events that occurred while the application is running.

Click Settings to learn more about available settings.