Altimeter for Google Glass

Altimeter for Google Glass allows you to track your altitude while hiking, biking, taking a ski lift or riding a cable car. When running it shows a live card showing current attitude updated live. The altitude is measured using your phone GPS receiver and displayed on your glass screen.


Display of current altitude in feet or meters
Display of accuracy
Indication when GPS fix has been obtained
Option to read altitude aloud
Application could be launched via menu or by saying “Ok, glass, show altitude”


According to specification GPS provides vertical accuracy of 5 meters or better 95% of the time but your results may vary depending on your location. For example in urban landscapes GPS accuracy is usually much lower due to satellites being obstructed by buildings and radio signal reflections, effects known as multipath. Our program shows you the accuracy, as reported by the GPS receiver.


This Glassware is a native application which needs to be installed on your Google Glass. Currently native application development is possible using the “preview” version of Glass SDK. It is provided to developers so they may try their ideas and learn glass programming. We distribute Altimeter as a technology preview without a warranty of any kind. It could stop working when Google updates your Glass. The preview could be installed via a process known as “sideloading”, as described here. If you have previous version of Altimeter installed, you need to unistall it with following command: adb unistall com.codeminders.altimeter. You can download Altimeter APK here.


Altimeter was developed by Codeminders. Please contact us for Google Glass application development. We also would love to hear your comments and suggestions on how we can improve this Glassware.