big data

Big Data

As early as 2009, we determined at Codeminders that Big Data would have a colossal impact on the industry. That’s why we trained heavily and built an expertise within the eld as one of the earliest adopters, contributing to the Hadoop ecosphere development, earning certifications, and creating innovative tools.


Today, with over sixteen years of experience working on projects for clients ranging from seed stage entrepreneurs to Fortune 10 organizations, our team tackles some of the most challenging Big Data projects. We’re able to take care of every type of Big Data project at every stage.

We lead platform applications and reporting environments, perform terabytes of massive textual data analysis for recommendation systems, and participate in the development of cloud-based image and video hosting solutions. Our team can handle, curate, and provide reporting environments for internally and externally sourced, structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data.


At Codeminders, we’ve had years of experience leading Big Data projects from conception to deployment. Our team allows organizations to take advantage of internal or external data to drive intelligence through analytics. In our experience, projects typically follow four basic stages: evaluation, architecture, development, and deployment.


Before a project even starts at a User Story or a Request For Proposal (RFP), we can provide valuable knowledge and guidance. We listen to your ideas and get an understanding of what the startup or enterprise needs, and what the end-state needs to accomplish. Codeminders team members can then propose technologies and solutions in a meaningful and customized way. Maybe the situation calls for for HBase™, or MongoDB. Maybe it should be hosted through Amazon, Google, or a private cloud. Asking the right questions around the technology stack allows us to find the right solutions.


Our team can take a number of ideas, recommendations and technologies and develop a more formal system architecture. We can scope the technology stack, and incorporate all the fragmented technologies that will come together, resulting in a clear and strategically architected plan on how to put it together and the big picture of the project. From the simplest aspects, like what it will run on, to more complicated facets, like how and where it will interact with other systems, our thoroughness results in a comprehensive architecture document.

Development & Support

We love building. The Codeminders team of Big Data experts can implement the proposed architecture or hit the ground running to develop and deploy a preexisting system design. We understand the massive differences between startup and enterprise environments and have a wealth of experience to pull from when it comes to executing a deployment that best accommodates a particular environment. After seamless delivery, we provide ongoing support to help you handle any situation you might run into. When it comes to fixes, adjustments, upgrades or anything else you may need, we’ve got you covered.

Deployment & Maintenance

While we typically prefer to deploy in an Amazon Web Services environment, we can enable the deployment in a number of public or private clouds. We build and deploy a scalable system, implement the software, and configure it to our client’s individual needs. Need a maintenance and managed services approach? We do that. You own the system, and Codeminders provides the remote system administration running on your account

Select Services

When you’ve worked in as many different Big Data environments across as many startups and enterprises as we have, you learn how to solve the challenges that inevitably arise and avoid them in future deployments.


Migration from a legacy system to the cloud can be difficult. We develop a plan that brings migration problems down to a manageable size and then we work closely with clients to solve them completely.

Designing for Scalability

Scalability is often the reason clients decide to undertake a Big Data project, and we’re there to make sure it lives up to their goals. From the expected number of users to throughput, data size and load, and growth rate, our team will help you plan your capacity. We’ll make sure that you thoroughly understand what resources, technology, and architecture will scale alongside your business needs.

Data Diversity

Our team can handle, curate, and make actionable, internally and externally sourced data, whether structured, unstructured, or semi-structured. We have dealt with a variety of taxonomies, ontologies, file formats, and data types. There’s nothing we haven’t seen and developed when it comes to a Big Data project.

Big Search

Search functionality within Big Data environments is a formidable challenge; you’re looking to make the data and information searchable and accessible. We get that. We’ve worked in some tough environments, and we can make real-time data searchable and accessible across multiple languages.

Machine Learning & AI

We can help you use the data to gain valuable insights to develop machine learning solutions. As a blend of developers and data scientists, we speak machine learning. We are comfortable with natural language processing capabilities and can make products that are able to make recommendations based on user preferences.

Analytics & Visualization

While we help to put your data in the cloud, it’s not enough to just collect information. It needs to be presented in a format that allows you to analyze and make decisions. We help you make the data actionable for the rest of your team, from sales and marketing to HR and finance.