Web Development

from ideas. to reality.

Many web development firms are nothing more than creative agencies. They focus their attention on front-end work, providing design services and sometimes front-end development. Their focus is on the aesthetics. We're not a web design studio, and that's a good thing. We believe form follows function, not the other way around. You need more than just a pretty UI design, you need full-cycle web development.

At Codeminders, we're not designers, we're hardcore engineers. We've spent years honing our skills in the mechanics of web development, from taking a design vision and turning it into a flexible front-end using HTML/CSS/JavaScript, which runs on every device, to building back-ends that integrate, communicate, and operate with everything.

Select Services

  • Video Conferencing & Media Streaming: we can suggest and build video/audio and multimedia capabilities into your system by drawing from our experience in the development of enterprise-class video conferencing and media streaming systems.
  • Mobile Web: we can design, build and optimize websites for mobile, ensuring that your site has a clean, consistent feel across a variety of mobile devices; phones and tablets alike.
  • Complementary Technologies: our team can help you create something outside of the typical website build, everything from Facebook Apps to browser extensions for Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.

If you're considering a web application or web project undertaking, check out our Data Sheet on Web Development to get a complete view of our capabilities.