Mobile & Internet of Things

from ideas. to reality.

In an age when everyone's rushing to take advantage of the proliferation of mobile and Internet-Enabled devices on the market, you need a team adept enough to create mobile applications with a consistent user interface and experience. But creating for mobile and Internet-Enabled devices requires more than just creating a pretty user interface.

With a keen awareness of the intricacies of mobile hardware and software, sensors and algorithms, we create sophisticated code that goes beyond basic UI and UX. Since the 1990s, our senior programmers have developed code for mobile and Internet-Enabled devices and have programmed for the prototypes of the smart phones we know now. When it comes to mobile, we know our stuff, and we love to build.

Select Services

  • Cross-Device Portability: if you have a product that needs to be supported across multiple devices we have a range of experience across mobile that we can couple with our knowledge of the IoT space.
  • Ergonomics: we can help with transitioning from a desktop to mobile UI, which requires an understanding of both aesthetics and ergonomics.
  • Mobile Sensing: we'll let you know how to take advantage of a range of sensors, how to incorporate them into the application, and how to integrate them with other devices and into human interaction scenarios.

If you're considering a mobile application or Internet of Things product undertaking, check out our Data Sheet on Mobile & Internet of Things to get a complete view of our capabilities.