About Us

from ideas. to reality.

Ideas are born everyday, and they die just as quickly. That's because the single hardest part of any new idea is actually going out and doing it. But today, startups and enterprises are running leaner than ever. Talent, quality talent, is in short supply, and development teams have less and less experience working with each other. Weak talent produces weak products, and rookie teams, make rookie mistakes.

That's why we built Codeminders, to provide startups and enterprises with access to our veteran team of experts who working together to turn big ideas into reality. Since 2004, we've been partnering with entrepreneurs, startups, and enterprises across the US and EU, from two man teams up to global Fortune 10 companies, collaborating to ship amazing products into the world. Established in Silicon Valley, Codeminders is a passionate, energetic team, split between the US and Eastern Europe. We focus on Big Data, Mobile & Internet of Things, and Web Development. With many complex projects under our belts, we're a highly specialized, development powerhouse for entrepreneurs, startups, and enterprises.

Codeminders for Entrepreneurs, Startups, and Enterprises

Entrepreneurs: Have a big idea but don't have an engineering team in place already? Let us be your one-stop-shop. We'll work together with you to evaluate your needs, develop a game-plan and create a product you can be proud of.

Startups: Need to augment your team with highly specialized members who can integrate seamlessly with you? We can provide an extremely talented, focused team that will work alongside you for incredible results

Enterprises: Can't find the internal resources for a new project or request? Let us help. We understand the pressures of designing for Fortune 10 companies and the scalability and security concerns that come with them.